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Posted on 03-22-2017

Mid-Back Pain Relief With Our Tulsa Chiropractor

Pain between the shoulder blades is not only uncomfortable; it may also interfere with work, sleep, and life. Our Tulsa chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Cole, examines your back to determine the cause of the pain. Then, he develops a chiropractic care plan to ease your discomfort. Our approach is medication-free and also improves your overall health, so it is safe for all ages.

Causes of Pain Between the Shoulder Blades

Pain between the shoulder blades and other mid-back pain may appear suddenly following an accident or it may creep up on you gradually. Common causes of mid-back pain include:

  • Muscular strains- the muscle in this area are susceptible to strain and stress. If you lifted a heavy object, you may have irritated the muscles between your shoulder blades. Our ultrasound and corrective exercise techniques will help to heal this area. 
  • Poor posture- if you lean forward to work on a computer or other objects throughout the day, you may overstretch the muscles of your mid-back. We can show you how to strengthen the area and stretch your chest to compensate for the muscular imbalance.
  • Spinal abnormality- if your spine is misaligned through either a condition such as scoliosis or a vertebrae that has shifted, chiropractic adjustments place your spine into a healthier, pain-free alignment.
  • Herniated discs- the discs between the vertebrae may leak out of their protective space and lead to back pain. We use gentle traction to help repair this condition. 

Contact Our Tulsa Chiropractor Today!

We encourage you to contact our Tulsa chiropractor for pain relief today. We provide free consultations to get to the source of your pain between your shoulder blades. As you progress through chiropractic care, you notice the overall health benefits as our team also delivers sound nutritional advice. It is important to diagnose the cause of your pain as soon as possible to rule out health concerns and avoid long term pain. To start your natural healing journey, please contact us at 918-664-2273.

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