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How Chiropractic Can Help Low Back Pain

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How Chiropractic can Help Tulsa Low Back Pain

When you're in agony from low back pain, everyday life becomes all but impossible. You can't work, you can't pick up your child, you can't even put on your socks! That's the problem you face every time you're hit with yet another bout of common but dreaded low back pain.

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Diagnosis and Treatment From Our Chiropractor in Tulsa

Our Tulsa chiropractor, Dr. Cole, can get to the root of your low back symptoms. Once we have isolated the particular nerve roots or other point of impingement, we can provide you with a personalized Tulsa low back treatment plan. 

As you might imagine, any condition that impairs this nerve's ability to work can have profound effects on your comfort and function. Cole Chiropractic Clinic's treatment for low back pain is designed to relieve these symptoms:

  • Leg pain (down the back of the leg)
  • Buttock pain
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Tingling or "electric" sensations
  • Loss of sensation in the leg or foot
  • Loss of muscle control that may impair your ability to walk, stand or move confidently

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Our Patients Speak

“Dr. Cole and Linda make you feel like family and really care about your health and well being. I would say Dr. Cole is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to”

- Patrick Preibe

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Leg and Back Pain Relief

Stop letting those distressing low back pain symptoms disrupt your everyday life. Get the lower back pain relief you need by calling our chiropractor in Tulsa at (918) 664-2273 for an evaluation and treatment!

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