Neck Pain From Auto Accidents

Your Chiropractor in Tulsa Relieves Neck Pain From Auto Accidents

Several types of neck injuries can occur after the trauma of a car accident. The effects of these injuries can create mild to severe neck pain and can include headaches, numbness, dizziness, tingling down the arms and restricted movement of the cervical spine.

Tulsa Neck Pain from Auto Accidents


The most common neck injury after a motor vehicle accident is whiplash. It occurs most commonly after a rear-end impact, but can also occur when the neck is whipped side-to-side from being hit broadsided in a vehicle.  In this injury, the ligaments and tendons in the neck area are overstretched, and sometimes tear, creating symptoms such as pain, burning, weakness, dizziness and headaches. The damage from a whiplash injury can last months and even years, and is sometimes permanent. Careful, precise chiropractic treatment for this injury is crucial to speed the healing process and prevent permanent suffering.

Slipped/Herniated Discs

A hard impact can tear and herniate a disc between the vertebrae of the spine. Pre-existing disc problems are at a high risk of injury during an accident due to the structure of the spine already being compromised and weakened. A tell-tale symptom of a cervical disc injury is numbness or tingling running down the shoulder or arm. This injury is sometimes described as a pinched nerve. Treatment with chiropractic care helps to reposition vertebrae, joints and discs, and reduces inflammation in the area without drugs or surgery so that the disc, nerve and surrounding soft tissue can heal.


The hyperflexion and hyperextension motion that happens during a vehicle crash can cause the soft tissues of the neck to become sprained or strained. Soft tissues will then swell and become very painful. This injury is usually called whiplash.


A side effect of any of the above injuries can be headache.  Sometimes headache after any of the above injuries can become chronic and last years or become permanent. Permanent instability of the spine, or scar tissue that forms during the healing process does not have the normal elasticity of our regular tissue and can also create restrictions of movement in the neck.

Motor vehicle accidents can have a huge impact on your daily life.  The pain, the anxiety, loss of work and the disruption of your normal life is a component of the pain and suffering part of any insurance claim.  Let us help you get back to your normal routine. 

We encourage you to schedule a pain relief or auto accident appointment with our Tulsa chiropractor as soon as possible following a vehicle collision. Contact our office at 918-664-2273 for more information, to schedule an appointment, or to learn about our free consultations for new patients. You may also schedule an appointment online.


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