The Natural Approach to Headache Relief from Our Tulsa Chiropractor

Headaches may vary in type, as well as in duration and intensity, but all types of headaches can easily wreck your quality of life if you allow them to keep recurring. Pain medications can only provide a certain degree of temporary relief -- they don't address the physical issues behind a chronic headaches, leaving you to experience the same misery again and again. Fortunately, there's a more effective, totally non-pharmaceutical way to obtain a lasting headache relief. Here at Cole Chiropractic Clinic, our Tulsa chiropractor can employ conservative treatment methods to help your head feel better.

headache and migraine relief from our tulsa chiropractor

The Painful World of Headaches

Most headaches belong to the category known as tension headaches. These headaches stem from tightness and spasms in the muscles of the neck, particularly those near the base of the skull. One example is the RCPM muscle, which is attached to an extremely sensitive membrane called the dura mater. When tension sends this muscle into spasm, it starts pulling on the dura mater, and the diffuse pain of a classic tension headache is the result. Neck muscle tension may be related to emotional stress, but it is also a common byproduct of an unbalanced upper cervical alignment.

Migraines involve more than just headache pain. These debilitating experiences combine blinding headaches with other symptoms such as nausea, sound or light sensitivity, vomiting and vision problems (including the appearance of "auras" just before an attack), with the total onslaught lasting up to 72 hours. Migraines seem to originate with neurotransmitter imbalances that cause the trigeminal nerve to induce swelling in cranial blood vessels. The actual triggers can be quite diverse, ranging from foods and medicines to weather changes and overexertion. 

Solutions From Our Tulsa Chiropractor

Chronic headaches won't leave you alone until you get treatment for their underlying causes -- and that's just what we offer. Our Tulsa chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Cole, can examine your cervical alignment to see whether some subtle yet significant chiropractic adjustments can ease the constant stress on your muscles and reduce spasms.

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If you're constantly battling headache pain, take action right now to deal with the underlying causes of these miseries. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce yourself to us so we can ease your aching head. Call (918) 664-2273 today!


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