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Three Simple Ways to Indulge Your Spine

Your spine is the support structure for your body that allows to you bend, twist and remain upright. It deserves a little indulgence! Here are a few ways to treat yourself, and your spine, with special care.

If it weren't true, you wouldn't keep hearing about how exercise is good for your body. Your spine is no exception. There are 140 overlapping muscles that provide strength and support to the back. Keeping these muscles strong helps you keep your back strong so you can lift things, but muscle tone can also prevent injury as well as provide the ability to maintain good posture. Exercise for "the core" targets these muscles as well as the muscles of the abdomen which also help support the spine. 

Chiropractic Care
The main focus behind getting chiropractic care is to restore full motion in the vertebral joints. Yes, it can relieve pain, but that's just a side effect of having a properly functioning spine. Restoring joint function means that each joint in the spine is moving just the way it is supposed to, with no pinching of the nerves that exit each vertebrae and no inhibition of those nerves' functions. Did you ever consider how each of your ribs, which are an important component for breathing, are attached at the spine? Many muscles important to respiration also attach to the spine, so our spine is an important provider of the breath that gives us life. Chiropractic care can help keep all those moving pieces in the right places.

Healthful Diet
Because our spines are made of bone, but the supporting muscles and ligaments are made of proteins, it is important to feed yourself nutrient-dense foods to provide the vitamins and minerals needed to build good, healthy muscle and bone cells. What if your body needed to repair a torn spinal ligament and all you gave it to work with were potato chips and soda? Essentially you fed your body calories but no nutrients. There aren't any tools for it to use to build the cells it needs. Your body will have to wait for the proper nutrients to show up, and in the meantime, you are in excruciating pain. There are a plethora of vitamins and minerals needed for your body to repair itself, which includes the natural daily replacement of worn-out cells, so please, give your body the nutrients it needs. Fresh vegetables, whole grains, clean dairy, fish, eggs and chicken should do the trick. Throw in some snack of nuts and seeds occasionally. And don't forget water! Water is what plumps up the discs in your spine and makes up a huge portion of the spinal fluid that bathes lubricates the joints.  

Your spine does some hard work for you. Indulge it a little!


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