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4 Experiences That Sum Up Living With Neck Pain

Neck pain can cause daily life to be especially challenging. If you are suffering from neck pain, it is likely one or all of the following scenarios fit your current life story:

1. Can't Sleep

It is difficult to get comfortable when your neck hurts. Throbbing, or even dull pain interferes with sleep. You may toss and turn all night trying to find a position that suits the special kind of pain that you are experiencing. All of this results in sleeplessness, but even if you were to give up and decide to stay awake, you can't get comfortable in a sitting position either. 

2. Head Seems Too Heavy

After a trauma like a car accident, muscle and ligament tissue in the neck can be damaged. It is then weak, and can hardly hold up the weight of your eight-pound head. Supporting your head is the only way to get comfortable, but it is very difficult to live life from a lying position supported with pillows. If only computers could be suspended from the ceiling.....

3. Difficulty Concentrating

When your neck hurts, your head seems to suffer also. It's difficult to concentrate on any one thing for more than a few minutes. The pain is sometimes all you can think about. 

4. Headaches

Most headaches result from disorders of the vertebrae in the neck. The muscles tighten up, and then the headache starts. Sometimes your whole upper back is involved. Headaches, like neck pain, wipe out your ability to concentrate on anything and just make you irritable.

The Good News?

Chiropractic care is pretty effective for neck pain. Vertebral alignment takes the pressure off the nerves in the neck, resulting in less pain and inflammation in the surrounding tissues. Restoring proper movement in the joint allows the body to work the way it is supposed to. Calming therapy modalities performed in our office help relieve immediate pain and speed up the healing process. All in all, a win/win situation for those with neck pain. If you need relief, please give us a call at 918.664.2273. 


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