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8 Reasons to NOT Ignore Numbness

Numbness can be a more serious symptom than pain. That's because it means a nerve isn't functioning properly. It can also be an indicator of a serious condition. Here are a few reasons you shouldn't ignore it:

1. Numbness in hands and feet, feeling cold, and fatigue can be symptoms of hypothyroidism.  The thyroid gland controls your metabolism. All sorts of problems can result from ignoring this symptom, including weight gain.

2. Numbness in the feet, excessive thirst and frequent urination can be an indicator of diabetes. Diabetes can lead to heart problems, blindness and loss of limbs, so it is a very serious condition.

3. Numbness associated with pain can be a pinched nerve.  One example is sciatic pain with numbness and tingling down the buttock and into the leg.  This type of numbness if left untreated can progressively worsen and cause permanent nerve damage. Chiropractic adjustments have been very effective treatment for patients with these conditions in our Tulsa office.


4. Numbness and coldness in toes and fingers can indicate Raynaud's Syndrome. This syndrome can be very painful and is a disorder of the blood vessels in the fingers and toes.

5. Sudden numbness down the arm, pressure in the chest, anxiety and difficulty breathing could indicate a stroke or a heart attack. Call 911 immediately if this occurs.

6. Nerve compression in the wrist or ankle can cause feelings of numbness, pain or tingling. This is called carpal tunnel syndrome, or tarsal tunnel syndrom if in the ankle.  In these syndromes, the numbness is usually accompanied by pain, weakness, loss of grip strength or foot drop and general loss of function. Chiropractic care can be effective in treating this condition.

7. Impact injuries to nerves, such as a car wreck or a sports injury can cause numbness in an affected area. Healing for this type of injury is slow, because nerve tissue is one of the slowest to heal in the body. Our Tulsa chiropractor has many years' experience in treating these types of injuries. 

8. Numbness in the feet caused by degeneration, neuropathies and general aging can be advanced and severe.  Arthritis increases the odds of numbness, weakness and tingling. While these conditions can be hereditary, they are more usually a result of aging, which makes treatment frustrating. As of yet, we don't have a good way to reverse the aging process!

It is important to remember, there can be more than one cause for numbness and pain. People with diabetes can also have nerve compression in their back that causes their back pain. Some people will have combinations of the above conditions. It is always best to seek professional diagnosis and treatment when numbness occurs. 


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