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Which of the Following Is Not A Common Cause of Back Pain?

Back pain can have many causes. In fact, the list is extensive. Here are a just a few events commonly listed by our patients as the cause of their back pain. 

1. Arthritis
2. Lifting Something Heavy
3. Sudden movements
4. Car Accidents
5. Playing Sports
6. Slips and Falls
7. Aging and Degeneration
8. Diabetes
9. Bulging discs
10. Osteoporosis
11. Slouching
12. Being overweight
13. Kidney Stones
14. Smoking
15. Wearing high heels
16. Depression
17. Pregnancy
18. Not exercising
19. Dehydration
20. Misalignments of vertebrae
21. Muscle Strains and Sprains
22. Genetic Disorders

To simplify, back pain is usually caused when the components of the spine; ligaments, tendons, vertebrae, discs and muscles are not moving together properly. To correct this, Dr. Cole will perform a very specific chiropractic manipulation to correct the misalignment. He uses information from x-rays to determine which vertebrae needs to be corrected and from which angle. 

But as you can see, the causes of spinal dysfunction are plentiful. In fact, I couldn't think of an ailment that would never cause back pain. Heart problems, gall bladder issues, and even cancer can all present as back pain. If you are having back pain, and suspect it is an emergency, please seek emergency medical care. But if you aren't sure, please give us a call. Dr. Cole has treated back pain from all of the above causes and more.


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