5 Tips from our Tulsa Chiropractor for Ways to Prevent Back Injuries

5 Chiropractor Tips to Protect Your Low Back

Do you ever wish you had a little chiropractor on your shoulder that stopped you from doing something that would hurt your back? Well here's the next best thing.

5 Tips from our Tulsa Chiropractor for Ways to Prevent Back Injuries:

1. Have a strong core.

Yes, that old exercise thing again. A strong core, including strong abs, helps protect your back from injury. It might even improve your posture. And it certainly helps improve things like balance, which becomes important as we grow older and want to prevent falls.

2.  Lose weight.

I know. This is quickly becoming a self-improvement blog. But just hear me out. Carrying around 8-12 pounds around your middle is like carrying a bowling ball strapped to your belly. Imagine the strain that would put on your spine.  Now, what if you have two bowling balls? Losing weight, especially around the mid-section will do wonders for your back pain. And your knee pain. And your hip pain......

3.  Avoid bending and twisting.

Ah, finally something easy. Or is it? You probably do this movement scads of times per day. It involves a bend of the low back, along with a twist to the side. Putting clothes in the dryer. Putting away groceries. Picking up a child. This movement puts tremendous strain on the low back, and may not bother you if your spine is healthy and young, but we see lots of injuries in our Tulsa chiropractic office that began just this way.

4. Be sure you are up to the task.

To the men out there, be sure you know the weight of the thing you are trying to pick up. Ask yourself, "is there a better way to move this thing than brute strength?" A cart, a forklift, anything? I know women who do this too, but it seems to be the menfolk who underestimate their superhero powers, and hurt their backs picking up something too heavy. You will pay for it later, guys. 

5. Get regular chiropractic care

Well, of course. Chiropractic care keeps those joints performing in the best possible way. Full ranges of motion are important when we are trying to actually use our joints for their intended purpose. Even if you aren't in pain, a little chiropractic care every few weeks can keep your joints mobile and ready for the tasks you need them to perform. 


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