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Balanced Spine, Balanced Life

Your friends talk about it, and so do articles online, but life balance isn't easy. Work, health, family, household chores, friends....they all seem to fall into the high priority category. It is difficult to juggle them all and still feel balance.

Your body also strives for balance. Do you remember learning, maybe way back in elementary school, about homeostasis? Homeostasis is defined as the state of steady internal physical and chemical conditions maintained by living systems.  It is the condition of optimal functioning within the body. Our bodies have many homeostatic "regulators" which control things like body temperature, fluid balance, concentrations of electrolytes, blood sugar and so on, even in light of changing environmental factors. We don't have to eat the exact amount of sugar each day to create the perfect balance in our bodies, we have mechanisms to do that for us.

And thank goodness we do, because there's no way we could keep track of all that ourselves, not with work, family, household chores and all the other various things which take our energy.

But there are things we can do to help maintain balance in our bodies. Exercise keeps our muscles strong, stretching keeps them flexible, and eating right provides the nutrients we need to regenerate healthy cells.

Another way to be sure our bodies are functioning at the highest level is to maintain the correct alignment of the spine. You've all heard, and maybe experienced, misalignments of the spine. A bone that presses on a nerve, even if it's only one or two millimeters out of place, can create extreme pain, numbness, tingling and even affect the use of the part of the body that particular nerve is serving. Think about how serious this can be if that nerve serves a vital organ!

Chiropractic care, even if done only once a month to just keep the spine in check, is important to your overall health. Small misalignments of the spine can become much worse over time, putting stress on the balance of your entire body's posture, and causing pain and less than optimal function.  

Some factors affecting life's balance are out of our control. But health can be greatly influenced by the small things we do on a consistent basis, good or bad. Spinal adjustments are part of that. And just think about how much better you feel after a treatment!


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